Consider Using This Pandemic Wedding Checklist!

Without a doubt, we all had big dreams and goals for 2020. For our company and many couples, we were looking forward to a wedding season like no other. As event professionals, we have spent the last year dreaming of how we can help make your special day even more safe and exciting!

We all know how much our lives have changed since the pandemic, and for couples that have postponed weddings due to the crisis, the uncertainty has been mounting. Until recently, when the government announced the easing of restrictions! This checklist is perfect for couples who have postponed their weddings due to COVID. Use it as a guide to help you reimagine your special day and learn valuable information. As of now, we know that guidelines and restrictions have the potential to change last minute. However, these suggestions will hopefully help with the intricacies of wedding planning at this time!

Wedding Ceremony: 

  1. Consider having a shorter ceremony with limited seating. This way your guests will have the option to sit or stand at safe distances to ensure everyone’s comfort.
  2. Reconsider your location if the ceremony is being held indoors. Perhaps look into the option of moving the service outside if applicable. If not, have limited seating with standing space for guests.  
  3. Have the ceremony programs pre-placed if the service is indoors or create a beautiful sign or chalkboard at the entrance for everyone to read.

Food and Drink:

  1. During cocktail hour, in between your service and reception, consider having pre-poured beverages. Keep your menu simple with wine, beer, champagne, and other beverages that require less contact. Also, consider increasing the number of servers and bartenders, that way they can walk around as people choose to keep their comfortable distance. 
  2. For your reception dinner, buffets may be next to impossible. Consider switching to the traditional plated meals.

Serving each guest individually will help decrease the amount of contact per plate per person. If you are choosing to have a buffet-style dinner, consider having serving stations with someone at each station who can place or give the dish to your guest.

3. You can still choose to have a beautiful array at the dessert table. Just package them nicely and have options so guests can bring a plate or package back to their table (better yet, have your server bring a dessert to each guest). 

Flowers laying on a rock next to a married couple.

Flowers, Décor and more 

  1. A sigh of relief, one area that may not require a complete transformation. Couples still have the opportunity to choose from endless arrays of flowers and décor. Signage, menus, seating charts, etc. will be even more important. 
  2. When considering flowers and décor for your day, think of the amount of space that will be available. As guest lists will be limited, take into consideration the fact that you will have more space than anticipated. Look for features such as signs, décor filled tables, accent walls, and lighting as options to fill your space.
  3. Favours + Giveaways! All guests love to receive fun mementos at weddings. The past year, the trend has been to provide welcome bags with custom masks and hand sanitizer (which you can make extra cute!).

Women standing in front of a photobooth


  1. Photography and videography will play an even larger role in weddings due to the smaller guest list. Guests who are not able to attend will be able to experience the event through live streaming, photos, and videos. 
  2. We have made changes and alterations to accommodate smaller gatherings. At Fun Cube, we will be offering photo booths in a smaller setting allowing all guests to still enjoy and create memories to take home. 
  3. Consider hiring a professional videographer. This will bring value to you as a couple and provide the opportunity to share the event with those who could not attend. You can even ask your videographer to live stream your wedding ceremony and reception.
  4. Instead of packing the dance floors, couples should consider moving toward a fancy dinner party atmosphere focusing on toasts and speeches, special dances, and unique entertainment. 

Even though there is a lot of uncertainty in the event industry regarding the restrictions that will be in place in the next few months, we do know that weddings will look different! If you are planning a wedding soon, we would love to hear your story on how you adapted, and what changes were made. If you are interested in booking a photo booth to enhance the experience for your wedding guests, please contact us today!