Why Your Next Corporate Event Needs A Photo Booth

It’s almost here, the time for us to re-enter the networking/corporate event scene. Are you stressed about finding entertainment for your next event? Are you looking for a unique way to integrate your brand and create marketing opportunities? We have you covered; our photo booths are the perfect form of experiential marketing. 

Experiential marketing increases customer loyalty and improves engagement. Guests have the opportunity to engage with your brand and develop an emotional connection, as photo booths capture a time and place of friends or colleagues enjoying themselves. This form of marketing allows you to engage with your audience in real-time and fosters social sharing. 

Customize your photo booth to create the optimal brand experience!

Brand Your Photo Booth

1. Backdrop

Bring your brand to life! Customize your photo booth backdrop with your company’s logo, mascot, theme, or colours. Prefer a basic colour? We have a bunch of different backdrop colours to choose from. Sequins are generally best for fancy formal events. Solid colours work well when incorporating large props or seeking to have a sleek backdrop. Or have your logo front and centre by requesting a customized step and repeat design for more exposure. The type of backdrop that suits your event is based on the theme.

2. Photo Booth Prints

Create branded photo booth prints so that guests have the perfect souvenir to hang in their office or on their fridge at home. We are happy to accommodate you however possible. Share with us what you’re envisioning, and we will make it happen.

3. Customized Props

Add personalized touches to your photo booth by customizing props to suit your theme. Make your props memorable, they will be at the forefront of your guests’ photos. Let us know what type of prop you are interested in, and we will bring your vision to life.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended for corporate events to incorporate your brand into the customization of the photo booth.  

Which Type of Photo Booth is Best for Your Event?

Digital Photo Booth

  • Luxury open-air photo kiosk
  • Photos and boomerangs
  • Snapchat and Instagram style filters
  • Customized backdrops and props
  • Branded animations and digital props
  • Instant photo sharing via texts, emails, and social media for your guests

Print Photo Booth 

  • Luxury open-air photo kiosk
  • Branded photo booth prints
  • Customized backdrops and props

Virtual Photo Booth – Best for Virtual Events

  • Snapchat and Instagram style filters
  • Branded animations and digital props
  • Boomerangs, photos, videos, and GIFs

Share Your Brand Story – Add a Social Media Station 

Increase your brand exposure with our social media station! Guests can share photos and GIFs directly onto their social media accounts by sharing their email or phone number. Our photo booth attendant will encourage them to share and tag the company in the post. Showcase your hashtags and social handles at the booth for guests to easily tag. This will provide increased visibility across channels and allow people to engage with your brand through guests’ social profiles. 

A major bonus is that we provide you with a database of the emails and phone numbers collected during the event so that you can remarket to guests. The sheer volume of likes, comments, shares, and impressions that the tagged photos and GIFs will generate would otherwise cost thousands of dollars in advertising to generate. Not to mention the opportunity to market to individuals outside of your target market that have the potential to convert. 

Measuring Your Marketing Success

Review your experiential marketing success by tracking your social media KPIs. Look at the impressions, tags, hashtags, and shares. Review your website to see the traffic and check your conversion rates. The opportunity to remarket to your guests is invaluable; track your next email marketing campaign’s metrics to see how the increase in email subscribers improves your conversion rate. 

Event Experience

Stress less! On the day of the event, you don’t need to worry about monitoring your booth. We have trained staff who are happy to engage with your guests! We will make sure that they use the props, take the prints home with them, and use our social media station to share photos in real-time. 

Book Today!

We offer photo booth rentals in Sudbury, North Bay, Toronto, London, Muskoka, Killarney, and the surrounding Northern Ontario areas. To learn more about how we can help you integrate a photo booth at your upcoming corporate event, CONTACT US HERE OR CALL 705-499-4918.